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    "My name is not Cristina" is a project developed during the two years of my master's degree. It is divided in four individual parts and it represents a research and exploration of the therapeutic dimension of photography. The photographs are hardly edited, so that some flaws - or as I like to call them: details - are noticeable. Precisely because I did not care about obtaining perfection in the images but the real story and a storage of specific moments and moods, in order to be able to return to them anytime. I started working on this project unconsciously, while crossing a difficult period of my life, when photography was the "one" who stood by me as confessor. The whole creation process and taking on a quadruple role of author, subject, spectator and critic of myself, empowered me to accept and embrace myself, my life and my struggles.

    The four parts "Allow me to change", "My room is empty", "Statements" and "Details", have their specific motivation and story. But they all represent myself crossing different stages of self-discovery and acceptance.

    I did not choose the title randomly, My name is not Cristina, beyond being a phrase I use at least once a week, it also represents a little manifesto for the countless times my name is pronounced or written wrong even on official papers.